On normal days, the Tzuriman organization provides a response to youths aged 14-21, who live in the Golan Heights and surrounding areas. They are with mental and emotional risk: Youth from distressed families, poverty, addictions and social isolation. Anxiety, depression, and also combines youth and young adults with special needs. In order for us to continue to provide these critical services in this time of emergency we need your support, your financial support for our youth is needed more than ever.

The activity of Tzuriman Organization in an emergency

the "Iron Swords" war

We are in an emergency situation of war, our organization works on the home-front with at-risk youths who have anxiety, emotional and mental sensitivity, isolation and also dealing with increased consumption of addictive substances. Many of them are without an anchor and a suitable support network. Some even face loss due to the terrible events.

This is where our organization comes in. Our youth need urgent help!
The organization is providing a therapeutic response to the youth who live in the Golan Heights and are experiencing mental and emotional crises that elevated since the war, and for displaced youths and families.

קָפֶה לַשֵּׁבֶט

Cafe Gallery in Aniam

Together with the youth, we are assisting and supporting the soldiers. From that Black Sabbath, October 7, 2023, our youth have been volunteering to prepare kosher meals for hundreds of soldiers at "Cafe LaShvet", the organization’s cafe, hosting soldiers in the cafe. The youth volunteers, in logistic centers to support the soldiers and also running activities for evacuated children in hotels in the area.

The youth are currently doing this voluntarily while they themselves are facing an emotional/physical/and financial crisis.
In order for us to continue those activities with them, we need your contributions.

In addition, we built an emergency model that provides an emotional, mental and social response adapted to the situation with the help of:

Telephone emergency response

for teenagers from the Golan Heights and Katzrin - For those who feel in distress and experience anxiety due to the situation, and entitled to initial and immediate response - an initial support call as immediate mental help and an examination of what the next step they need. Also, what to do if a long-term solution needed.

Focused on individuals and group treatment for the youth, For times of emergency and crisis

Support and information groups for the teens

Creating strength and resilience with the help of togetherness. Acquiring tools to connect in times of crisis, a safe space to be together, support each other and give support to each other.

Home visits

For isolated teenagers who don’t leave home and are disconnected from society. We reach those individuals and provide care during a crisis.

Accompaniment for parents and teenagers facing an emotional/mental crisis

In an open dialogue approach, help through support groups and phone calls during crisis and emergency for parents.

Training, accompaniment and support for educational and informal teams that work with teenagers

These teams are also in crisis due to the situation and deserve support and coping skills.

The Crew

The organization's staff consists of qualified professionals who know how to provide care and who are willing to work both routinely and in emergencies. and volunteers from the community whose relationship with them creates resilience and social connections among the youth.

Ya'ara Sulimani | Founder and CEO, director of the youth center and therapy area

Shirley Gottfried Shinar | Coordinator of training and volunteers

Michal Nasi | The manager of the cafe

In order for us to continue those activities with them, we need your contributions.

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