Youth Center

A pleasant place, with a homely atmosphere that wraps the youth in hugs and love and is a safe and professional support for them

Our youth center was established alongside with the cafe in July 2021. We created a pleasant place, a homely atmosphere that wraps the youth in a hug and love, a safe place with professional support. Every day, a skilled team of caregivers, volunteers and youth workers await the youth, who welcome them with a warm meal, a hug and an open heart. We strive to get to know every boy and girl. stop for a moment to observe life, understand their dreams and desires and walk hand in hand on the way to fulfillment.

The youth center as a source of culture and personal development

The youths are accompanied during their work by social work students from Tel Hai College and education students from Ohalo College. Also, there are volunteers from the community. The mentors support them during their day-to-day work, their visit to the youth center and serve as a listening ear and advisor in various matters in their personal lives and in their professional work.

All activities are funded by the cafe's profits and donations. 

Sketching course let by Roy Shinar

רישום הוא הבסיס לכל אמנות פלסטית (ציור, פיסול, איור, עיצוב וכו..)
במהלך 10 מפגשים, בני שעתיים, נחקור ונלמד רישום, בפחם ובעפרונות, דרך התבוננות ועבודה מול טבע דומם ומודל. נתנסה בתרגילים שונים ונלמד בפועל יסודות ברישום אור וצל, טקסטורה, פרופורציה, פרספקטיבה, דיוקן ועוד.
*הקורס מתקיים בימי שני ב-18:30-20:00.

Art by the youth
Available for purchase at the cafe
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