Training Center

Who are we?

The training center of the Tsuriman association was established in order to provide a comprehensive answer to youth living in the Golan. We are engaged in strengthening and empowering youth and children with the help of a number of projects we have established, and we see great importance in teaching and giving tools and a new benevolent language to those who work and/or raise children and youth, skills that will allow us to raise them in a way that will empower them and remind them of their power.

We can be the significant adults in their lives, the ones who give them a hand, who remember their strength and accompany them on their way to a beneficial and meaningful growth and development

Ya'ara Solimani | founder and CEO

Social worker, as a specialist in field work With teenagers, I got to learn their language. After endless conversations with boys and girls and from many years of care work and workshops for teenagers, I understood that the youth needed Talk to a person who knows how to listen to him, who connects to him and who helps him discover himself from within A shared and deep process of inner clarity.

Shirley Gottfried Shinar | Coordinator of training and volunteers

Mind-body therapist for 25 years Accompanying and supporting people in the processes healing. Facilitates circles and workshops and teaches Tools for listening and moving from Inspiration. Loves to learn and explore The worlds of the mind, and give a hand to those who walk through.

Michal Nasi | The manager of the cafe

integrative nutritionist, owner of the dining table studio A place for nutrition, people and food. I research (food), chop, Mixing and loving wine, people and food Works with children and youth in the garden and in the kitchen Conducts workshops and lectures. I believe in meeting the youth in the kitchen and what is long ago, Waiting for him every day

Yossi Gozlan | Youth Guide

I started working in education as a youth guide in the Golan, from there I continued to guide at a post-hospital boarding school. I believe that when we really listen to the youth we manage to reach them and identify their needs, they feel that they are seen and given space.

Our Routes

Training center of Tsuriman invites you to get to know a new language, skills and beneficial ways of meeting and working with children and teenagers.

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